Switching from another provider

If you wish to migrate from another ADSL provider, there will be no service loss during switching, so this won't affect your work. Your ADSL port will stay reserved and you may choose an ADSL package best suited for your needs.

Application form for obtaining a migration code (MIC) >>>


Top reasons for using our ADSL services:

  • Unlimited (FLAT) Internet access and download
  • Free public static IP address
  • Free 1-year license for Kaspersky AV Personal
  • Free-of-charge use of premium * modem/router


* Note:

  • Equipment fully supports ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ standards, enabling speeds of up to 24Mbps and eliminating the need for switching the equipment
  • Direct Internet access from all Ethernet enabled devices (IP surveillance cameras, video servers, network printers, etc.)
  • Simple web interface for configuration settings for all OS versions, local network configuration with a powerful hardware firewall providing full system security, allows multiple users to share a single IP address on the same ADSL connection, data IP routing with support for NAPT, DHCP, and DNS, access to modem/router via Telnet, possibility of maintaining and administering local area networks via Internet through a VPN connection