Registering international domains

Any indivudual or business user/company can register an international domain with their web/mail server hosting provider of choice. We also provide transfer of domain from the current to the new registrar.

Registration and payment can be made online via credit card or QVoucher. If you prefer, we may send you an invoice.

Visit Registering a new domain and fill in the online form, then select a hosting pack and register your domains in a simple and easy way.

To transfer an already registered domain, you must send us the completed form with the authentication code (Auth Code) obtained by request from your domain registrar.


TLD Annual fee
.com 2,160.00 RSD
.net 2,520.00 RSD
.org 2,160.00 RSD
.info 2,400.00 RSD
.biz 2,520.00 RSD
.eu* 1,920.00 RSD
.me 2,880.00 RSD

* Reserved for natural and legal entities who are EU citizens

If you rent hosting in addition to domain registration, you get a 30% discount on domain registration.

Note: Prices are VAT inclusive. All prices are the same for natural and legal entities.

By submitting the form you acknowledge that you are familiar with the registration rules, agreement, and other rules and obligations that apply to registration of international domains.

For more information, contact us via email or directly by phone at (011) 333 0 333.