Setting up a LinkSys WAG2000 Router via LAN

Before you configure the router, make sure you've connected the router to the computer correctly. The router's Ethernet lamp lights green if there is communication between computer and router.

  1. Your ADSL router's IP address is To access the router, you need to configure the parameters under Local Area Connection for the network card connected to the router. Right-clik the icon and and select Properties from the menu. Under This connection uses following items, locate the Internet protocol and click the Properties button. Check the boxes next to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically, then click the OK button and return to the Local Area Connection properties window. Click OK to close the window.


    If all parameters are correct, open your web browser and in the address bar type using admin both as your username and password.

  1. Open the Setup page and select RFC 2516 PPPoE from the encapsulation drop-down menu, then check if VPI 8 and VCI 35 are displayed under Virtual Circuit.



  1. Enter your username and password, then set your Time Zone by selecting (GMT+01:00) Belgrade. Check the box next to Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes, then click SAVE SETTINGS.



  1. Now configure the WiFi settings. Click the upper Wireless tab to open the Wireless page (see picture below).
    In the Wireless Network Name (SSID) field, enter your network name (for example, 'Gama', '', etc.). This name will be displayed on all client computers. 



  1. Click the Wireless security tab and select WEP encryption (64 bits) from the drop-down menu. In the key1 field, enter the password for your wireless network. Password must contain 10 hexadecimal symbols (numbers 0-9; letters A, B, C, D, E, F). Note that the password is case sensitive. Click SAVE SETTINGS.



  1. Now protect your device from outside threats/unauthorized access. Select Administration from the upper menu and enter your password in the Gateway Password field. Password must contain a minimum of 5 characters (all numbers and letters, lowercase and uppercase, case sensitive). Repeat your password in the Re-enter to Confirm field.
    Click SAVE SETTINGS to complete router configuration.